Werter Road, London SW15

The property is a 4-storey house requiring renovation throughout and explores variations of a three and two storey addition to increase the family accommodation. Planning was granted for the latter two-storey proposal. An existing part basement is fully extended with sunken garden stepping up to meet the existing rear ground floor garden. A central accommodation stair links the main spaces on upper and lower ground floors. All bedrooms on first and second floors are also increased with sleeping galleries within the roof space.

4-Bedroom Renovation Project<br />+ Rear Addition
Endlesham Rd, London SW15

The property is an existing 4-storey detached house in a conservation area. The brief is to enlarge the ground floor and existing cellar and link the accommodation with access to a rear garden from each level. A double-height lightwell is inserted into the plan which provides stair access between levels but also introduces greater levels of natural light into the basement area. A rear external planted lightwell is also designed to provide an aspect to the lower level as well as views and daylight with stair access to the garden above. On the upper floors the bedrooms are rearranged and reorganised around the central stairwell. The existing attic bedroom on the third floor is enlarged by extending the roof profile rearwards and also reorganising the stair access from the second floor.

6-Bedroom whole house renovation<br />+ rear extension
Home for the future award

The house adapts to changes in weather, providing shelter and shade, using sun and rain to its advantage. South-facing gardens are located on every floor level off all living and sleeping areas. Large reception rooms overlook a double-height sunroom giving a feeling of light and space - sliding windows and doors allow free heat into the house during winter; closed in summer they will keep the house cool. The house is super insulated and requires very little heating. State of the art photovoltaic glass fitted in the front wall generates 50% of the home's electricity needs. The ground floor can be operate as a self-contained office.

Low-energy (code 5) new-build prototype<br />house
Nottingham Road, London SW12

Historically the building was constructed as a single-storey annexe building and gradually was transformed into a 3-storey property with commercial use. The brief was initially to explore the site for re-development through to retaining and remodelling the property throughout and include a roof-top garden. Vertical circulation within the property allows the user to experience the full extent of the building introducing natural daylight and views at every stair landing. A double-height space at the rear allows family spaces to be visually linked with access to a rear ground floor garden.

Redevelopment + whole building refurbishment
Sheen Gate Gardens, London SW12

The property is located on the top storey of an existing 3-storey semi-detached house in a conservation area. The brief was to remodel the spaces and increase the number of bedrooms from 2 to 3. The flat was entirely contained within the confines of a large steep roof. With this in mind a mezzanine kitchen off the main living space was introduced with bathroom below, this allowed the space vacated by the original kitchen to become a double sized bedroom. The main living space is transformed by exposing the roof volume above with views to the mezzanine kitchen.

3-Bedroom Flat remodelling
Rye Lane, London SE15

The property is an existing high street retail outlet in the centre of Peckham Rye and lies next to a railway viaduct. The property has a large flat roof area formed by the shop area below and three existing upper floors of redundant space. The client brief was to convert the upper floors into residential units and accommodate a new-build block over the flat rood area. The strategy is to acoustically and visually shield the property from the railway viaduct All habitable spaces from the converted and new-build units overlooks a planted courtyard with access to cycle storage. A total of eight flats were granted permission under strict planning constraints and requirements.

Mixed-use residential, new-build<br />+ conversion
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